About Us

Our mission is to bring life saving diagnostic imaging solutions to medically underserved populations worldwide.

We are a volunteer, non-profit organization based in the USA. We work with communities in underdeveloped countries all over the world to improve health and livelihood by supplying diagnostic imaging equipment, services, training, and support.

The result of our missions and work is inspired by the truth that every life touched through the support and services we’re able to provide will in turn touch another, multiplying the benefits delivered and received through the hard work and generous donations of RWB members, partners, and supporters.

What we do

  • Collaborate extensively with many charities worldwide who have representatives in place locally to make sure existing facilities can support the kind of technology and resources RWB offers
  • Modify and enhance facilities to ensure technically compatibility with donated equipment
  • Collect donations of medical equipment from hospitals, outpatient imaging/surgical centers, physician offices, vendors, 3rd party sellers, and others
  • Partner with other charitable organizations and volunteer companies, who crate, transport, and ship donations to their final destination
  • Deliver logistics and support to facilities for equipment installation, testing, training, and maintenance
  • Bring connectivity to other countries to enable radiological support from stateside radiologists
  • Provide stateside educational advancement opportunities for Radiologists and Radiology Technicians
  • Provide educational material for radiology departments around the world
  • Establish teleconferencing capabilities for training purposes