In 2011, Dr. Gill was introduced to Dr. Barry Sorrells of Love Truth Care Ministries (LTCM) located in Little Rock, Arkansas. LTCM was established by Dr. Sorrells and Mr. Jim Phillips to provide assistance to hospitals in Honduras.

Current Progress and Assessment:

RWB has delivered the following equipment and supplies to Hospital Escuela

  • 1-slice CT Scanner (courtesy of Margaretville Hospital in New York and Mission Central)
  • Ultrasound machine (courtesy of Lourdes Hospital)
  • Mammography machine (courtesy of Hologic) which will make the first breast imaging program possible
  • Motherboard (courtesy of Dr. Barry Sorrells) to restore functionality of X Ray equipment at the hospital
  • 200 textbooks for Radiology Technologists

RWB Mammography unit
RWB has secured a 1.5 Tesla MRI machine (courtesy of Alliance Imaging, Inc.) for Hospital Escuela, which will serve as the first MRI at a public hospital in Honduras.